Ten Ways To Inject Fun Into The Workplace

Would you consider installing a video camera to catch humourous responses to unexpected questions?  What about a team coffee break dedicated to sharing your most embarrassing moments?  Teams that laugh together are better able to power through difficulties and get the big job done.

Intrigued?  Read more at Fast Company.


4 Replies to “Ten Ways To Inject Fun Into The Workplace”

  1. there are really endless ways to have fun in the workplace. once you have a workplace that intentionally dedicates itself to fun (it’s part of our mission statement, which sits prominently on everyone’s desk) then the sky is the limit. and i agree, everyone needs to feel comfortable with it, whatever it takes. as you say, some people find it pretty funny to poke fun at themselves, others just find it embarrassing.


  2. There are ways to inject humour without anyone needing to feel embarrassed, be unexpectedly caught on camera or share with co-workers personal information that is best left out of the workplace. The list in this article would make me want to find a new employer-fast. With all the focus on eliminating bullying in the workplace I would think the author could come up with things that don’t include referring to a co-worker as a bozo or trying to make them appear to be one.


    1. Hi Karin,

      You’re so right – we need to take everyone’s feelings into consideration as a first step. While some revel in telling about their most embarrassing moments (myself included) others might be uncomfortable. The article has so many more suggestions that are worthwhile, I just had to pass it on.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment.


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