Listening To Your Recruiter

Would you walk into your doctor’s office to announce your diagnosis and dictate a prescription?  Not likely.  Even if you suspect what the problem is, you still want input from your physician.  What’s the latest treatment?  Are there alternatives?  Is there any new information that you should be made aware of?

Your recruiter can offer you the same kind of up-to-the-minute advice and direction… but only if you listen.

Recruiters have their pulse on the job market.  They know what the best candidates are looking for and how to find them.  They also know what’s happening within their client companies and can tell fairly quickly if a candidate is a good match.

The next time you speak with a recruiter, ask them some really pointed questions about the job market or employer expectations in their area of expertise .  You may be surprised at their level of knowledge — and it just may bring your relationship up to the next level.


4 Replies to “Listening To Your Recruiter”

  1. Oh, you speak from my heart. One of the hats I wear is career/job coach. Another one is: USE your resources! When things are not going well, reach out! Clearly, something’s wrong, which means something can be fixed. What happens to me sometimes is that I make follow-up call after follow-up call and my clients don’t reply. When I finally run into them they say, “Oh, I didn’t call you because I haven’t found a job yet.” Ouch! That’s precisely why you SHOULD have called!


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