What Our Words Say About us

Web sites attract traffic by featuring and repeating key words – not unlike the way we humans attract or repel others with our speech.

If we could capture our words for a week and then view them in aggregate,  what would we learn about ourselves?  How often would our most important words show up?  Which words would be conspicuous by their absence?

Here’s an interesting way to visualize what your speech looks like.  Go to the Wordle site and input your most commonly used words.  Or, you can copy and paste text from documents you’ve written to generate your own word picture like the one above.  Have fun!


2 Replies to “What Our Words Say About us”

  1. i love wordle! have been using it for quite a while, for a number of purposes. a few months ago we went a bit crazy with it at work. for a staff appreciation event, we collected words of appreciation from everyone, for everyone, turned that into a wordle, and decorated greeting cards with it.


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