Why Social Media Works

From infancy, humans understand the direct connection between communication and survival. Before we learn our first word, we perfect the art of getting our physical needs met through whatever vocal abilities we can muster.   Later, curiosity about our environment and a strong desire to be understood drive us to master language skills.

We want to be heard and we want to be relevant within our community.

Social media has become the vehicle that powers two-way conversations across time zones and over borders. Even language differences are no longer a barrier with the availability of free tools such as Google Translate and BabelFish.

We inform.  We learn.  We debate.  We might even argue.  The point is, everyone has a chance to be heard.


What Every CEO Should Know About Social Media

It’s not enough to create a great product or deliver top notch service.  Brands today need to cultivate a strong sense of community.  This means listening and interacting in real-time.  Web 1.0 is dead.  Those were the days when you could put text and graphics out on the internet and leave them there, secure in the knowledge that you had a website working for you.  Web 2.0 is a two-way conversation.  Clients and prospects are talking out loud through social media.  It’s the new normal.

The Fastest Way to Build Community is to Engage the Entire Workforce

This is not an activity that belongs to the marketing department.  It needs to be part of the fabric of the organization.  If you’re not engaging your staff and helping them create intentional impact, you’re losing a leveraging opportunity.  Or worse.

Fast Company published a fascinating article on this topic.  You can access it here.  Happy reading and happy socializing.

More Progress – Same Hours

How do you put more progress in your week without adding additional hours?  Future pace your time.

True or False:  If you start the day with no objectives, no goals, and no hot priorities tied directly to your objectives, your day will still fill up with tasks and busy work.


There is an alternate path.  Future pace your week by imagining exactly which steps toward achieving your major objectives you will accomplish by week’s end.  Reinforce the picture by imagining how great it will feel to leave at the end of the day Friday knowing that you have made real progress on your deliverables.

Open your calendar right now and insert 1 next action step for every major goal.

Added bonus:  Reserving time to work on what’s most important will give you the conviction you need to say no to some of the requests for your time that are coming your way.

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