Happy Birthday to my Blog: 3 Years Old Today

I believe blogs follow a life pattern similar to the people who create them. Sadly, most blogs die before reaching maturity. Those that live on past adolescence to reach adulthood really come into their own. And just as with people, you can’t know what they’ll be when they grow up until they get there. Happily, mine has grown into a place of contemplation and a catalyst for meeting others who are just as interested in leadership and intentional living as I am. Corny? Yes, I know it is. Fortunately, I can laugh at my own proclivity for schmaltz while embracing it as part of my personal brand.

This blog began life as a statement on the ways social media can make us aware of the need for transparency and authentic leadership. My premise was that you cannot be two different people: a reliable, values-driven person on one hand – and a not-so-honest individual stretching the limits of credibility on the other. The connectedness of social media will ‘out’ you. In my mind that’s a big plus.  And that’s why I don’t keep separate online profiles – one personal and one business.  My premise only allows for one person. One persona. That’s my brand of authenticity.

In “What Does Leadership Have To Do With Social Networking?” I wrote:

Social media is the perfect platform for leadership development.  After all, leadership is about reaching and engaging people.  What better way to do that than through the global platform of social networking?  It’s immediate, it’s two-way, and it’s far reaching.  It also teaches the value of transparency.  You cannot pretend to be something you are not and engage fully in social networking.

Leadership is also about willingness to accept risk – and there is definitely an element of risk in putting one’s self online for all to see.  It’s not for the faint of heart but the potential rewards are awesome.

That was my inaugural post in 2009. I’m still happy with it – and I abide by my initial premise – but the site itself has gone through several iterations. It has transitioned from quietly shared ideals to thinking out loud about values and career choices. Today it is the place where I record teachable points of view.

I don’t know what it will be tomorrow. Just like me, it’s still deciding what it wants to be when it grows up.


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