I Want My Kilter Back

RelaxedI’m on vacation for three days. I selected these days – in the middle of the work week – to get back on kilter. Or get my kilter back. Whatever.

My assignment for the next 72 hours is to do only one thing at a time. You might say I’ve orchestrated my own multitasking intervention.

I knew I needed to reevaluate things when I loaded a second task management app on my phone last week. God forbid I should be unable to capture all the to-do items that swirl through my head while waiting for an elevator or idling through a car wash.  Like millions of others, I’d become so adept at the fractured work style we call multitasking – I forgot about focus.

Focus. Oh, yeah. I think I remember that guy.

So the real trick is not just to DO one thing at a time — it’s to THINK about only one thing at a time. They say that’s the path to effectiveness and performance. For right now, I just want my kilter back.


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