Problem Resolution Starts with Curiosity

MC910215899You can’t truly solve a problem until you appreciate all the opportunities it contains.

Obviously, I’m not talking about life events that we can’t control, like the death of a loved one, or the after effects of a natural disaster. I’m talking about situations in which we have a reasonable expectation of influencing the outcome.

I know I’m ready to unpack a gnarly problem when I’ve become so curious that I just have to know everything about it. It’s this sense of curiosity that helps to fully define the issue and clarify what we want to make happen.

There are some hidden benefits to this approach.

  • Irritation is replaced by motivation.
  • Blaming is replaced by ideation.
  • People are pulled into the conversation by the prospect of being part of the solution.
  • Stress gives way to a sense of impending accomplishment.

The next time your serenity is shattered by an unexpected problem, take a step back and see how many facets and possibilities you can identify. Think of all the potential twists and outcomes. Grab a thinking partner to help you see further into the issue.

May all your solutions be fueled by unbridled curiosity.


2 Replies to “Problem Resolution Starts with Curiosity”

  1. This article hits the nail on the head. I answer a lot of support forum questions. When blogger are stuck in a rut and playing the blame game a resolution to their issues is difficult to reach. When bloggers are critical thinkers, who are willing to try an array of troubleshooting techniques a resolution to their issues isn’t far off.


    1. Hi timethief – I know what you mean. Sometimes I cringe when I read the demands for a solution when it’s evident they don’t yet understand the problem. You’re incredibly patient with them! Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment.


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