Shortcut to Prosperity

prosperity-largeThe pages of my favourite books are peppered with highlighted text and notes scrawled in the margins. It can’t be helped. There’s something very satisfying about flipping through a book and catching glimpses of bright yellow marking the passages I want to recall.

This book begged to be read with a pen in hand.

The author presents 10 practices leading to career and life fulfillment. They’re grouped into three main sections:

  1. Thinking deeply about what we want
  2. Mapping the steps and leaps necessary to get there
  3. Recruiting allies to help us along the way

There are thought-worthy nuggets throughout the book. I most enjoyed the pieces on examining one’s source of motivation and using the power of creative tension. Each chapter ends with tips on finding the shortcut and suggested activities to solidify the new learnings. I don’t want to make it sound too intellectual; the lessons are provided through interesting stories about real people with extraordinary accomplishments.

After finishing the book, I read what motivated Mark Hopkins to record these shortcuts:

“As our daughters, Kate and Maren, left Colorado to study in Connecticut, I found myself wondering how I could help them take a shorter path to the incredibly fulfilling life that took Jenny and me twenty-five years of trial and error to achieve.  As I thought about how to share what we have learned, I realized that even though it was the right time for me to write a book, the girls were not yet ready to read it. Shortcut to Prosperity became the perfect vehicle to capture insight that I hope others will benefit from while creating an archive for the girls to draw on later.”

This book is going to live on the shelf among the others that I enjoy returning to from time to time; books like Good To Great and The Art Of Possibility.

Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher


2 Replies to “Shortcut to Prosperity”

  1. Now, you know you drew me in by the fact that you dare to write in your book or dare to make even a mark. If a book has no comments from me they don’t stay on my shelf. Then your review enticed me enough to go to Amazon and purchase this book hoping for a new outlook on developing my skills in growth along the lines of success in my endeavors. Thank you for pushing my envelope to include this in my library.


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