Should I Send LinkedIn Invitations To Recruiters?

IN of LinkedInRecruiters love LinkedIn. For most, it’s the tool of choice. Many spend a good portion of their day researching and looking for new candidates who may be a good fit for their clients. In fact, if a recruiter finds your resume on Monster or Workopolis, there’s a good chance they’ll also look you up on LinkedIn. Does that mean job seekers should send connection invitations to recruiters they don’t know? The answer is yes — and no.

Here’s what you need to know about recruiters that will help you connect well and make a positive first impression:

Every recruiter has a specific focus or area in which they work. No one fills all positions everywhere.

  • Agency recruiters often handle positions in a specific location – like Halifax/Dartmouth or the greater Toronto area. Or they may be specialized by industry, such as mining, finance, or broadcasting. Another method of specialization is to focus on certain job functions like Human Resources or IT.
  • Corporate recruiters specialize in the skill sets their company requires and often have a specialization subset based on job function.

Why do you need to know this? If your plan is to send a LinkedIn invitation to a recruiter because you want help finding work, you need to do your homework first so that you send connection requests to the right people.

To find out the types of positions a particular recruiter works on, look at the job ads he or she is currently running. You can do this easily by looking at the jobs database on their company’s website. There’s a good chance that each job will identify the assigned recruiter. You can also Google the recruiter’s name and look at the job ads that come up in the search results.

Once you’ve identified potential recruiters, send a personalized connection request mentioning the research you’ve done. This should start your relationship on a positive note and will differentiate you from the thousands who blast out emails without doing any homework at all.

What do you think? Does this agree or disagree with your experience?


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