iTunes Is For Learners. Wait. What?

We all know iTunes has taken some serious heat about being difficult to use and has even been called bloatware due to it’s expansion from a program that plays media to an e-commerce and marketing platform. All negativity aside, I’m really impressed with the learning opportunities that are now available on iTunes.

Here are some of the interesting programs I noticed.

  • Harvard University – A complete lecture series on building mobile applications, Public Economics, Statistics 110
  • Writing for Strategic Communication (I can’t wait to download that one!)
  • The Human Brain
  • Lots of language courses

If you enjoy learning how to be more productive, search for Merlin Mann’s podcasts. He’s the creator of 43Folders and is considered one of the gurus of productivity. I like his podcast called “Back to Work”.

All of this is free. You will need to download the iTunes software and create an account. You don’t need an iPod, iPad or anything other than a PC or laptop.



6 Replies to “iTunes Is For Learners. Wait. What?”

  1. My dad Loves Itunes U. He pulls something up for me to watch every time I talk to him. It’s a great resource that I definitely don’t use enough. Thanks for the reminder and have fun in the #31dbc. Thanks for joining the effort. I love being part of so much creative energy!


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