Make It a Super Recruiting Week

List of success factors such as number of placements per weekHow great would it be to end the week knowing you had accomplished your major goals, impressed your clients, and maximized your earnings? You can do it by giving yourself a strong start Monday morning.

Step 1 – Create your own personal definition of success for the week.
What are your goals? Is it to make 2 placements this week? Present a full slate of 5 candidates for your hottest perm order? Increase your number of temporary workers on active assignments? Whatever your personal key metric is, set a specific goal for yourself and keep it in a place where you can see it all day.

Step 2 – Share your hot jobs and your best talent with colleagues early in the day on Monday.
If your recruitment software program has a built in feature to broadcast orders and candidates within the company, take advantage of it. If you don’t have this feature, send a quick email highlighting what you’re working on. This can help you fill orders and place candidates more quickly.

Step 3 – Review your past and planned actions on open orders to make sure you’re taking multiple approaches to fill them.
– Passive recruiting: Write job ads that are appealing and inviting. Consider including your phone number so that candidates can contact you directly. This can cut down on the time it takes to connect with great applicants.
– Active recruiting: Resume mining on job boards, phoning past placements to ask them to refer their friends, sharing current openings with colleagues, searching for candidates on LinkedIn or in other professional or social networks.

Step 4 – Control the recruitment and order fulfillment cycle.
This can be the trickiest — and the most valuable — skill to cultivate. Many lost orders are due to the client filling them internally or filling them with a candidate from a competing firm. By maintaining close control of each step, you’ll fill your orders more quickly, lose fewer candidates as you won’t waste time waiting for responses from clients, and you’ll reduce your stress. Here are a couple of examples where you’ll need to gently assert yourself.

  • When the client says “no hurry” — don’t listen. Filling the order or presenting candidates within 24 hours demonstrates that you’re on top of the market and reduces lost orders. This will increase your production and your income, and most likely, your personal satisfaction. If they’re not ready for candidates, you’re probably not working a real order.
  • Never present candidates by email. Phone or visit the client to reconfirm what you understand to be the critical skills sets needed, and then tell them what you learned about your candidate during the interview, assessment, and reference checking process that speaks to those skills. Your verbal presentation should focus on elements they’ll never get from a resume. Once they confirm they’re interested, then email the resume if they want it. In most cases, forwarding a candidate’s profile and waiting for feedback from the client is a rookie move that will slow down the process and will do nothing to build your reputation as a recruitment professional.

There’s no shortage of stuff to keep you busy throughout the week. The trick is to fill your calendar with important things so that there’s little room for all those little things that will get in your way.

Make it a super week!