3 Ways to Keep the Creative Process Alive

Is there a Picasso inside you, just waiting to be unleashed? Could you be the next J.K. Rowling, if only you had sufficient time to perfect your craft?

This morning I listened to part of an interview in which Ira Glass talks about what it takes to produce creative work. Click on the video. It’s worth a listen — and a look. His words have been animated by David Shiyang Liu.

Ira Glass nailed it when he said you need to produce lots of work because, although your taste might be well developed, your skill in producing something that meets the standards of your good taste will be hit or miss until you’ve produced for a couple of years.

Here are 3 ways to stay focused on producing work even when the creative muse refuses to cooperate.

  1. Join a group with similar goals and interests to stimulate ideas and encourage each other. You can find people with common interests through local associations, LinkedIn, Google, WordPress blogs, or Facebook groups.
  2. Put a little pressure on yourself by joining contests or activities that have a deadline. At the time of this writing, I’m taking part in a 31-day blogging challenge. For this entire month, each of us has committed to publishing one post every day.
  3. Set a production deadline for yourself such as completing one painting or one story per month. Making it a serious commitment will help you power through frustration and fight procrastination. Share your deadline with a friend who will help you stay on the path.

Good luck with your creative process!


5 Replies to “3 Ways to Keep the Creative Process Alive”

  1. Susan
    Great Advice! I love the stick with it attitude to create the work you love and setting a deadline. That’s what this challenge has done for me… Even though I started late, I set a goal to write, write, write! The vide was awesome and I will share it with my coaching clients…
    Thanks for your contribution!


  2. Really good post! It is so true that you have to keep practicing to get good at what you want to express to the world. It is one thing to be inspired but then you have to put in the work to become an expert. Great video!


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