How To Automate Everyday Tasks On The ‘Net

WhatDoesThisMeanblogpicI love finding cheaper or quicker ways to do things that don’t compromise quality. Today I’m sharing a tip that falls into the ‘quicker’ category.

I predict you will love

If This Then That (IFTTT for short) is a website that will help you automate online tasks – with no knowledge of programming, no HTML code, no special powers required. For example, I like to send out a tweet every time I post a new pic to Instagram. I got tired of doing it manually, so I decided to look for something on the ‘net that would help. I found lots of programs but they were one-offs – they would only do one task which meant I’d have to set up a number of different sites if I wanted to automate other tasks. Then I found this solution. IFTTT helps me drop monotonous activities so I’m free to take care of more important things.

Using IFTTT is like delegating tasks to a virtual assistant.

IFTTT calls your instructions a recipe. Mine is really simple. The recipe that tells IFTTT to send out a tweet when I publish a new photo on Instagram looks like this:


No code. No mysterious symbols. I didn’t even have to write anything out. I searched for an existing recipe, gave IFTTT access to the accounts in question, and I was done.

What tasks could you automate?

Let’s say you want all Gmail attachments to be automatically saved to your folder in Google Drive. Here’s what the recipe looks like:


IFTTT tells you exactly what you have to do to complete the recipe. Here’s what your instructions look like. Looks pretty clear, right?


Just make sure you’re already logged into Gmail, and all you’ll have to do is click the activate buttons and authorize IFTTT to do its work.


Here are a couple of sample recipes from 




And one more, just for fun.






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