Ellen DeGeneres Wants You To Check Your Privacy Settings

Between surveillance cameras in malls and parking lots, and the thousands of smartphone cameras that are walking around, they say we’re photographed an average of 30 times per day.

I was looking at a photo comparison of the 1982 first showing of Prince William and this week’s event where the newborn Prince George is shown to the world. Both events took place at exactly the same location. Photos of the crowds are remarkably similar except for one detail: everyone is taking pictures with smartphones in the 2013 photo.

We love our cameras. And we love Facebook. Sometimes those two things come together in the most awkward way. Ellen Degeneres had a little fun with this topic and manages to weave in an important message for all of us.

I love how she used humour to make a point. It made me take a second look at my privacy settings.

Question for you
QuestionMarkI’ve been doing research on who owns the content we place on Facebook and other sites. Is this a topic you’d like to see me write about?


2 Replies to “Ellen DeGeneres Wants You To Check Your Privacy Settings”

  1. Privacy settings, yes yes, for the love of all that is holy BUT an additional question would be why put pictures online that you don’t want the world to have access to? Once it’s online, there are people who can access them (government, really good computer geeks etc) no matter what type of privacy settings you choose. Now, I’m off to look at my pictures to make sure I’m not violating my own stated policy. 😉


    1. Hi Kieta, I had the same reaction! Had to check my own settings and go through photos. I believe we don’t think about Facebook enough. It’s fun to post photos, but from my recruiting background, I can tell you – they may come back to haunt! Thanks so much for sending in your question.


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