Recruiters: You’re 20 Minutes Away From Being More Findable On LinkedIn

BeingFindableTop talent knows that LinkedIn is a great research tool. If you have 20 minutes, you can make yourself easier to find.

For the first step, all you need is plain old pen and paper. Write down several words that reflect your particular recruitment focus.

  • Functional examples: administration, accounting, clerical, receptionist, sales
  • Industry examples: pharmaceutical, construction, healthcare, finance

I strongly suggest adding some words to represent the geographic location where you make placements. Often, recruiters use location words that candidates wouldn’t. Avoid abbreviations or terms that may not be easily understood such as GTA or Bay Area. You might say ‘east end’ when discussing opportunities in your office, but would someone on LinkedIn understand those words out of context? Consider using the words your candidates will be likely to choose when searching online for a recruiter. They won’t put ‘eastern seaboard’ in a search, but they might use the word ‘Boston’. They probably wouldn’t specify ‘lower mainland’ but they might type ‘Vancouver’.

Now think of some words that describe what makes you unique. Are you especially good at finding work for people who’ve been at the same company for more than 10 years? Do you do well with ex-military? Are you known for placing people in positions that deliver a promotion or a step up?

Assess Your Profile

For the second step, you’ll need to log into LinkedIn. Read through your profile and count the number of times each of your key words or phrases appears. Or, use the Control + F function on your PC to find the words for you. Assess your profile from the standpoint of a potential candidate using LinkedIn’s advanced search features. Don’t be surprised if the number of occurrences is very few or even zero. We don’t tend to write our profiles with key words in mind. We should, but it’s not natural.

Edit Your LinkedIn Profile to Include Key Recruiting Words

Start with your headline. Your key words should definitely show up here. Don’t feel obligated to insert your title — unless your job title contains one or more of your selected words.

Now, your summary. If you like what you already have in this area, can you add a line or two to include key words? The goal is for your key words to show up multiple times on the page.

Last, take a look at your current and past positions. Don’t waste space by making a laundry list of responsibilities. Talk about what you DID. What you accomplished. You won’t want to include everything (that would take too much room) so when you’re deciding what goes and what stays, think about relevance to the market you serve today.

There’s lots more you can do to make yourself findable but I’ll stop here because I promised you a 20-minute solution. What do you think? Could this work for you?


4 Replies to “Recruiters: You’re 20 Minutes Away From Being More Findable On LinkedIn”

  1. Hmmmm, suddenly I feel compelled to find Tilla on LinkedIn and see what her updated profile looks like. I’m certain mine could use a once over as well. It’s not my top priority at the moment, but perhaps next week when I have extra time. 🙂


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