Joined By A Single Hashtag

I just finished a 31-day blogging challenge with people from the U.K., Canada, Australia, and the U.S. Our group was made up of life coaches, marketing specialists, homemakers, authors, and massage therapists. As near as I can tell we had representation from all the generations at work: Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Generation X and Generation Y. Even the blogs themselves were different. They ran the gamut from career writing to occasional musing to technical – with some using WordPress, or Blogger, and many were self-hosted. All this diversity was wrapped up and joined by a single Twitter hashtag: #31dbc. #31dbc was our Twitter signal to each other announcing that another article had been published, another of us achieved a milestone, or perhaps someone just wanted to reach out to make sure the rest of us were still out there.

I got to know many of these people fairly well over the month. One got engaged, one built a piece of furniture with a toddler, an infant, and an 8-year-old boy (and lived to tell the tale!). Another used the month to put good writing habits in place and made a public commitment to get her novel done, and one special gal celebrated her 2nd anniversary of wellness following a serious illness.

These things don’t happen without a lot of forethought and effort — this came in the form of Lesa Townsend of Conversation2Sales. Each morning, we received some form of encouragement and a fresh list of ideas to keep us going. I know everyone appreciated Lesa’s leadership and organizational skills. She’s doing this again in October, in case you’re interested in pushing yourself to increase your writing production!

It’s been a pleasure writing with you, ladies. I’ll be looking for you online.

5 Replies to “Joined By A Single Hashtag”

  1. What a lovely description of the community that was created around the Challenge! You made me want to sign up and i’m the host!!

    Thanks for participating and helping to make this Challenge the best yet. I’m looking forward to October and what fun might be in store.


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