Notches on the Bedpost: Unexpected Lessons Learned from Submitting Writing to LitMags Every Day

JustDoItGoldInsertThis post appeals to me as an appropriate way to close off the month. For the past 4 weeks, I’ve been participating in a 31-day blogging challenge, not unlike the project undertaken by the author of “Notches On The Bedpost”. Initiatives like this are powerful because they require one to just do it. The looming daily deliverable means there’s less time available to over analyze or grieve over potential mistakes. I hope you enjoy Lightning Droplet’s post as much as I did.

After you read it, find something you’ve been avoiding and put yourself on a schedule. Just do it. You have no idea how much the process will teach you.

Lightning Droplets

Notches on the bedpost - scratches on the back.

Earlier this summer, I was inspired by the devilish number 66 on a list of The 100 Best Ways to Become a Better Writer.  Rack up rejections.  The phrasing and sentiment behind the idea played over and over in my mind and I was captivated by it.  I started imagining pieces of my writing marching out into the world dressed to the nines in their Saturday night best, and returning home (accepted or not) to put another notch on the bedpost.  Perhaps they would have short-lived flirts with editors who didn’t want to take them home, or one night stands with litmags where they weren’t accepted but, hey, at least they were being read, even if only ephemerally.  Or maybe they’ll find the editors of their dreams and fall in love together, being read again and again, put into print to show the permanence of their mutual devotion.  In…

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