7 Blogs For 7 Days

7Blogsfor7DaysThis week’s roundup of the 7 best blogs I visited over the last 7 days includes: employment law, HR, recruitment firms, and an HR services organization.

My featured site this week is Kenexa, an IBM company. Over coffee this week, Steve Smit told me about some of the exciting things they’re doing for clients – like reducing turnover, helping companies create an intentional culture, and doing a deep dive on employee engagement. Good stuff. What I admire most about the Kenexa blog is their stated reason for blogging. It’s displayed as a footer on every page.

Why We Blog: We have a passion for people. In fact, we’re in the business of people. And, this is the place for us to write about it.

Let’s dig in to this week’s 7!

  • In The Secret Sauce In Total Rewards, Kenexa’s Dee Drozd puts a fresh spin on ways to win in the war for talent. Presented in the form of a recipe, it’s a lighthearted take on total rewards. There’s a complimentary e-book offered as well.
  • The Eagle Blog – is written by Kevin Dee, CEO of Eagle, an award-winning staffing company. My favourite post is this one: Are Candidates Finding Your Job Postings? If you post ads in search of talent, I can almost guarantee you’ll learn a thing or two that will increase your reach and results.
  • Survey Reveals Finance & Accounting Professionals Are Most Satisfied With Their Job – is from Goldbeck Recruiting’s blog. It helps employers understand the meaning behind a talent survey conducted by Monster.
  • Red Seal Recruiting Solutions wrote an article to help companies select their staffing partner. Rather than the usual hype, they present four meaty questions to quickly assess whether you’re taking on a partner, or a new risk. I recommend reading Buyer Beware, Questions To Ask A Recruiter Before You Hire Them.
  • Career Edge is a not-for-profit staffing organization that places talent through paid internship programs. The post entitled RBC Career Bridge Associate Host Program tells of a strategic initiative that matches internationally skilled talent with RBC business clients, which is partially subsidized by RBC. Love that.
  • Have you ever wondered whether Facebook postings could or should be considered in legal or performance-related matters? You must read this case in Employment Law Today. The popularity of Facebook means we all need to brush up on workplace implications. Facebook Postings Fair Game For Employers details a Quebec case with interesting information for all employers.
  • Staying in the legal realm, Todd Humber, Canadian HR Reporter’s editor, sums up the  recent Supreme Court of Canada’s recent ruling on random drug testing in Another Nail In Random Testing Coffin.

Comments are always welcome.

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