Digital Pioneers Don’t Use Old Maps To Get To New Destinations


There was a time when people thought Twitter was a passing fad, popularized by bored people sharing the details of a sandwich they just ate. And Facebook was pooh-poohed as a place for the kids to hang out. Today’s data reveals a different reality and a fabulous business opportunity.

  • 67% of Twitter followers prefer to buy from the brands they follow on Twitter.
  • The fastest growing demographic on Facebook and Twitter is 55-64 year olds.
  • Although Facebook remains the king with over 1 billion users, Twitter users are 5 times more likely to share brand experiences.
  • 23% of Facebook users check their accounts five times a day – or more. That’s 23% of 1 billion!

I started this blog four years ago because I viewed social media as an incredible leadership development tool. It seemed that overnight, we had an unprecedented opportunity to connect with and learn from others and I wanted to share tools and resources as I discovered them. The more I learned about this medium, the more I saw its transformative possibilities for my industry. I’m still fascinated by the leadership wisdom that’s shared daily and made available to each of us, but the main focus of this blog is to make technology and social media more attractive – and more useful – to recruiters and the staffing industry.

What You Can Expect To Find On This Site
The majority of posts on this site present simple ways to make the most of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and blogging. Some articles contain practical tips for implementing a social strategy, such as these posts: Hiring A Community Manager For Your Social Media Program and 7 Ways To Inject Soul Into Your Corporate Social Media Plan. Because my “day job” is staffing and recruitment, I regularly write about recruitment and corporate leadership. In 2011, I reviewed Patrick Lencioni’s book  “Death By Meeting” and included a mini-implementation plan. It continues to be one of my most popular pieces.

Keeping Up To Date
If you use social media at all, you know the landscape changes constantly. Facebook is notorious for switching up its feed algorithms, and Google’s page rank and linking rules are almost as difficult to keep up with. Fortunately (and maybe not surprisingly) I am a geek. I never tire of the many online groups I belong to and I regularly educate myself via webinar. Last month I completed a 3-day social media boot camp that was so full of new information — I’m still digesting it all and chopping it into small bits to share on my blog.

The Biggest Challenge
You might think that keeping up with changing technology is the biggest challenge, but I would pick another. It’s gaining buy in for the new methods and new technologies. That’s why I picked Erik Qualman’s quote for the title of this post. I see myself as a digital pioneer or a digital evangelist. I have to be careful not to appear too zealous when people approach me with questions – so I keep my posts simple and practical. That’s really the biggest challenge and the greatest opportunity. I’m passionate about quality recruitment and I know that social media, used well, meets the requirements of today’s business environment: producing results more quickly without compromising standards. It’s all about building a community, staying connected, and moving fast.

Where This Blog Is Going
This blog and I have two goals for the next 12 months.

  • Rely more on visuals – specifically infographics – to present data and processes in story format
  • Test software and products and publish reviews

What started out as a forum for leadership development has morphed into a place to collect and share digital tips of all sorts. If you enjoyed this material, please consider becoming a regular reader. There is a convenient sign up form directly below. You will receive an email notification as new posts are published. I don’t spam and will never sell anyone’s email address.

Thanks for stopping by.

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15 Replies to “Digital Pioneers Don’t Use Old Maps To Get To New Destinations”

  1. Hi Susan, Great quote (title) and article. I like how at ease you are with “digesting” and re-organizing heavy duty information and sharing it in bites size blogs so that people who are not so in tune with the many variations and changes of social media can benefit. Great share and I love where you are going with your site. Infographics are great! ~ Nathalie


    1. Hi Suzie – Re LinkedIn – Since I’m in recruiting, LinkedIn is my world. We rely heavily on it to find candidates and clients. People who are not recruiters don’t tend to “hang out” on LI like they do on Facebook or Twitter. When it comes to coaches, I’m not sure. You may want to do a search in the groups directory to see if you have a potential tribe in there. Each group has its own personality. Read the rules, get a sense for the group before jumping in. Members can be a little less social-media savvy than you’ll experience on other sites, and so just a little less forgiving of misplaced zeal. 🙂

      Thanks for the kind words about my blog. I’m working really hard to hone my voice and focus in on my market.


  2. The title of this post is perfect – really grabbed my attention. My question to you is: how do you work to not become overwhelmed by technology – Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest and Linkedin…. yadda, yadda, yadda. The “map” is being updated constantly; how can you keep from spending too much time keeping up with all the platforms?


    1. Hi Kim – I do know what you mean about the overwhelm potential. Here’s my opinion on that one. I think we need to pick one main social site and maybe one secondary and run with those. Otherwise our heads will explode.


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