What Do You Want Your Digital Stamp To Be?

file0001477487882Some leadership books will tell you to think about what you want your legacy to be by envisioning your own funeral in the future. You’re to think of all the people who will attend your service, and decide what you want each of them to say about you; which accomplishments and qualities you want to be remembered for. The purpose of the exercise isn’t to craft your eulogy, it’s to compare today’s activities and priorities with your vision to find areas in need of adjustment. For instance, did anyone in your imagined funeral say they would remember you and appreciate you for never handing in a late report, or never taking time off to attend a child’s school function? You see where that’s going…

Well, we’re in the digital age now and that means no waiting and pretty much instant answers to your most burning questions. You don’t have to wonder what your legacy will be… You have one right now. It’s your digital stamp — that trail of messages and sentiments permanently sitting on some server in the sky. Don’t believe me? Do a Google or Bing search on your name. What kinds of items come up first? Then turn to Facebook. Look at your home page and read your last 12 status updates. What do they say about your focus? Do the same on Twitter if you use it. Look only at your sent tweets. You’ll see your dominant topics and tone.

Everything we put out into the interwebs is speaking about us at this very moment. It won’t go away when we do. Decide now what you want your digital stamp to be. It’s never too late to reaffirm or realign.

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