Adecco Takes Top Spot In Canadian Staffing Industry Ranking

The companies on the Top 5 last year are still in the Top 5 this year, but each one has changed its position when ranked by revenue. This is always an exciting moment for those of us in the staffing industry in Canada. We love to see who’s in the top three spots, who’s moved… Here are the Top 5 as reported by Staffing Industry Analysts. Notably missing from the Top 5: Manpower. Much like Randstand and Adecco, Manpower is a global staffing provider but doesn’t share Canadian figures from all operations in the country. If they should choose to do so in the future, I’m thinking they would land in one of the top spots.

Top 5 Canadian Staffing Companies Ranked By 2012 Revenue

  • #1 Adecco takes over the #1 spot with an increase in revenue from $515M in 2011, to $679M in 2012. Kudos for that increase!
  • #2 Randstad gave up the top spot to move into #2 despite a nice increase from $525M in 2011 to $650M in 2012.
  • #3 Procom slid up 2 spots to hit #3. Revenue increased a whopping $2M to hit $500M in 2012.
  • #4 Design Group comes in at #4 with $390M revenue in 2012.
  • #5 Allegis Group is at #5 with $385M revenue in 2012. For comparison, here’s the list that was published last year, based on 2011 revenue.

2012 List of largest canadian staffing firmsCanadianstaffingindustryrevenue

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Source: Staffing Industry Analysts

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