7 Blogs For 7 days

7Blogsfor7DaysThis week’s roundup should touch just about everyone. We’ll start with some really cool stuff on procrastination – including a free assessment you can do online. Then we move onto career tips and finally, social media. Dig in!

This Week’s Feature: Getting Ahead By Understanding Procrastination

  • Calgary author Piers Steel, Ph.D., is making it easy for us to understand and assess the degree to which we procrastinate. First, there is – apparently – a positive form of procrastination. Read Beyond The Coffee Crutch: The Secret To Vitality At Work to see which camp you fall into. Or, you could take this more formal survey to “find out where you land in the ranks of procrastination. Are you a garden-variety dilly dallier or are you hardcore with “tomorrow” tattooed across your back?” Take the survey here: http://procrastinus.com/the-procrastinus-survey/ Twitter link: @PiersSteel

The Business Of Managing Your Career

  • Leah Eichler, founder of r/ally (that slash is part of the name), a site for women to socialize their goals and get support, writes this in the Globe and Mail: “Whether you fall out of love with your chosen career or you end up unemployed, it pays to have an alternative.” Learn more about this in Why every worker needs to construct a backup plan. Twitter links: @rallyyourgoals @LeahEichler

Social Media Goodness: Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+

  • Why You should Switch To Google+ by Victoria Reynolds at Soshable.com. Google+ is now ranked as the second largest social media engine. Take a run through her post and then decide if you want to jump on board. Twitter link: @soshable

If I’ve done my job well, one or two of these sites captured your interest and you learned something new. Here are two more places where you can find my content:

Plugged in Recruiter’s Facebook Page and SWrightBoucher on Twitter.

Hope to see you back here soon!


6 Replies to “7 Blogs For 7 days”

  1. Another thank you for the opportunity to make sense of LinkedIn endorsements, I’ve been endorsed by people I’ve simply met networking. Maybe I should be flattered, yet it takes away any sense that endorsements have value.
    And many, many blessings for the great links to procrastination articles. I’m running a workshop on procrastination in September, I’ll be adding these to the resources for participants.


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