Social Recruiting: Engagement First, Promotion Second (if at all)

Quote: Social recruiting is all about building a community, staying connected, and moving fast.My passion for social recruiting comes from first-hand knowledge of the pressures recruiters are under. Everyone wants them to do more, do it faster, do it better, and get it done for less cost. In any other industry, engineers would step in to point out the impossible nature of the demands being made. “Everyone knows,” they’d state, “you can have high quality, low cost or quick delivery, but not all three. What’s most important here?” In any other industry…

Social recruiting can be a thing of beauty for professional recruiters struggling to keep up with increasing demands. The problem, though, is there’s a lot of misinformation about what social recruiting is, and how to use it to get great results.

If I were managing a team of recruiters, here are the three tools I’d help them to know:

  • Advanced Twitter Search can help you filter out the noise and get to candidates or associations who can help you fill positions in your region. Once you set up a search the way you like it, save it. Save as many different searches as you need and run them when you feel you need more applicants.
  • Each recruiter should have their own Facebook page. It takes exactly nine seconds to set up. They’re attached to the person’s personal profile but there is no exchange of information between the two. In other words, you can maintain complete privacy on your personal profile while maintaining a public page.
  • You don’t need to purchase a LinkedIn membership to search people who are outside your network. Combine Google’s advanced search form with a little Boolean logic and you’ll be able to find anyone, anywhere.

My Definition Of Social Recruiting

Do you mind if I start with what it isn’t? Social recruiting is not blasting out job ads on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. That’s megaphone marketing. It’s also not creating a social media account and letting it sit there, just to be able to say you have a presence on that platform.

Social recruiting is all about creating community. It’s about encouraging two-way conversations and getting to know the people behind the Twitter handle or the email address. It’s also about adjusting the way we do things based on feedback and questions from connections.

It takes bravery to step out from behind the belief that it’s impossible to respond to everyone who reaches out but that’s what will give a recruiter the killer combination of speed, quality and reasonable cost.

Prefer to stay in touch on Facebook? No problem–you’ll find Plugged In Recruiter is there.



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