How To Use Facebook For Recruiting And Still Keep Your Private Life Private

Social RecruitingI know a lot of you are resistant to using Facebook, but just bear with me for a few paragraphs. You might find I’m proposing an interesting little twist that could change your mind about Facebook recruiting.

Recruiters handle the one commodity businesses cannot function without: talent. That responsibility makes us critical supply chain managers. It means we have to know the best ways to find people so we’re always flush with great candidates.

When it comes to connecting with potential recruits, you just can’t beat Facebook. With more than a billion accounts, it’s the clear giant among online sources. It attracts people of all age groups and every profession. But it’s not the sheer number of accounts that makes me take Facebook so seriously. It’s these two mega factors:

  • 23% of Facebook users check their accounts 5 times or more per day. That’s 23% of a billion people!
  • Facebook is available on virtually any smartphone which means it’s always with us.

If you want to fish where the fish hang out, you have to give Facebook more than a passing glance.

But how do you keep your private life separate from business once you start recruiting on Facebook? Here’s the simple way to do it:

Create A Facebook Page For Recruitment Purposes

This solves a couple of problems. Facebook doesn’t allow us to have duplicate accounts. That’s actually a good thing. With duplicate accounts, you have twice the number of places to look for messages, updates, and keep your community involvement fresh. With a page, all your notifications still come in on your original profile, so no second account to monitor for messages.

If you already have an account on Facebook, you have what’s called a personal profile. That means people find you by looking up your name. Everyone who has a profile has the ability to create a page that will be associated with your name but completely separate when it comes to status updates, photos, and friend lists. This is the second problem a page fixes. You can still post the name of the restaurant where you’re going to meet your friends for dinner without sharing that information with professional contacts. How do you do it?

Just click here:

Choose the box that says Artist, Band, or Public Figure. In the drop down menu select Business Person and then fill in your name and click Get Started. I don’t recommend you create a cutesy pretend name like Betsy Vancouver or Sandy Recruiter. This is a professional page for you, a professional person. Use your real name. It will help you build social credibility. You don’t want to look like a scam artist.

You now have both a profile (your personal site) and a page (your business site). Notifications will come in to one single place, but there’s a wall between the two allowing you to enjoy some separation.

So there it is. I’m including a link to my page so you can visit it (I hope you’ll click the like button while you’re there). If you want a professional-looking timeline photo but find it a bit challenging to create one, let me know. I can recommend several free online resources that are quick and easy to use.

Good luck and happy recruiting!


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