7 Blogs For 7 Days

7Blogsfor7DaysWhat’s In This Week’s 7 Blog Roundup?

This week’s theme is partnership. It’s an overused word, but alliances are what business is all about. The weekly blog roundup has three examples where creativity nets tangible proof of the power of partnerships. You’ll see how:

  • Haley Marketing and Talent Rover put their heads together to produce an infographic that will knock your mobile socks off (and shake your confidence if you haven’t dealt yet with the swing to mobile).
  • Cisco Canada celebrates success by writing a blog piece about its client, Bridge Studios.
  • Karma Hire and Launch Academy show us how to rocket a job ad into stardom to fill a critical position.

Curious about employer branding? MindField Group has a nice quick read for you – and an offer.

Social media is always a big part of the roundup – this week we have articles on Twitter, blogging tips, and some ideas to help us get through all that online reading we never seem to have enough time for.



Haley Marketing and Talent Rover teamed up to create this infographic illustrating Mobile Trends In Recruiting and Staffing. A whopping 40% of mobile candidates drop off if they don’t encounter a non-mobile app. So how would your recruiting page stand up? Twitter links: @HaleyMarketing @Talent_Rover

Staying on the theme of social media and business, Cisco Canada demonstrates how a company can use its blog space to highlight a client event in Bridge Studios: Lights, Camera, Connectivity. The story is written by Cisco’s Brand Marketing Manager, Andrea Dil. Twitter link: @CiscoCanada

Watch the steady progress of a recruitment campaign as Karma Hire moves a job ad “from zero to hero” in How A Job Ad Goes Viral: Social Recruiting Done Right. Recruiters, take special notice of the Facebook impact. Twitter link: @KarmaHire

Employer Branding

MindField Group posted a helpful piece on Discovering And Developing Your Employer Branding which includes an invitation for an organizational assessment. Twitter link: @MindFieldGroup

Social Media

If you read yesterday’s rant about the evils of using Twitter automatic direct messages, you know I’m not a fan. As part of my research, I looked around for material, both pro and con, and found “Why I Hate Auto DMs On Twitter” by Eric Wheeler. I’m including it in this week’s roundup in admiration for the way he managed to weave a little humour into an ironic situation. In case you’re wondering, I didn’t find anything “pro” sending an auto DM to new followers that wasn’t written by the companies that create the technology. Twitter link: @eric_wheeler

Thinking about starting a blog or social media presence for your company? Fresh Gigs has good advice in Social Media Presence: Be Real, Be Consistent, Be an Influencer Twitter link: @FreshGigsca

Readers, what do you do when you find an interesting article online, but you don’t have time to stop and enjoy it? Malhar Barai has some cool ideas in “5 Tools For Social Bookmarking”. I learned a thing or two from him, including an unusual way to use Google+ circles. Twitter link: @MalharBarai

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