Online Resources for Recruiters

IGQuoteEducationYeatsSunsetWant a quick way to stay on top of your game? Bookmark a few of these sites and dig in with your next cup of coffee. I love online resources because you can access them when it’s convenient for you. No driving, no commuting, no waiting. And when that client you’ve been chasing for three days finally makes the phone ring, you can put your reading aside and jump right into business without even losing your place.

Blogs – Don’t let the tiny name fool you. This site packs a power house of recruitment goodness.

Groups and Communities on Google+

Social Recruiting on Google+

Groups on – You’ll find everything here. Groups by city, country, specialty… Use the search box to find one for you.

Resources From Plugged In Recruiter

Plugged In Recruiter on Facebook

Social recruiting resource page

Daily online newspaper featuring dozens of writers on human resources, recruitment, and recruitment technology

Here’s A Little Extra Something To Inspire You

This is a story about a Vancouver staffing firm that got creative and made a job ad dance across the ‘net to find just the right candidates for their client. Read How A Job Ad Goes Viral for the whole story.


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