The New Facebook Page Insights

Have you checked out the new Facebook page insights? Usually when Facebook makes a change, we object strenuously and threaten to walk. But this time, I don’t think there will be any disagreement over the changes. In this post I’ll show you screen shots of both so you can see what’s different.

Before we get started, I need to mention that you’ll see embarrassingly tiny numbers on my reports. I’m using my brand new Plugged In Recruiter page. So, please don’t laugh.

Here’s the old insights page. Not bad. Pretty good graphics. You can see at a quick glance what’s happening.


Here’s a small portion of the all-post page. One thing I really like about the old insights is the ability to sort each column by clicking on its header.
And now, the new insights page. Your data is divided into 3 categories, which you can see across the top of the page: All Posts, When Your Fans Are Online, and Best Post Types. I’m showing you the last one. As you can see, the graphics are easy to read. This page can be further analyzed by selecting post type from a drop down menu.

Since my page is so new, it’s dangerous for me to draw conclusions from the data, but so far, it looks like my text posts have the best reach and are getting the highest engagement. Once my page membership builds, these numbers will be even more useful.

In case you’re wondering how engagement rate is calculated, here’s the formula:

Engagement rate = Number of clicks, likes, shares and comments divided by the number of people who saw the post

You can still opt for the old insights but who knows how long that’ll last? Might as well get used to the new version.

You’re invited to visit my Facebook page anytime you like. I keep the content fresh and love to engage with readers or anyone else who drops by. Hope to see you there!

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