There Is No #Sex On Instagram

Some hashtags banned from InstagramNot only is there no #sex on Instagram, there’s no #sexy, #sexiest or #sextalk. In an effort to prevent the site from becoming a haven for porn, Instagram has banished a number of hashtags. You can still type them in, but they won’t be seen by anyone. Try searching on these words and you’ll get you a “no tags found” message. In addition to any possibly porn-related words, Instagram also censors curse words.

That makes sense. But they’ve also banned some pretty normal words from hashtags searches. Words like iPhone, popular and Instagram. Why? The company states those words are too generic and don’t serve the population by producing any meaningful search results. So you can add #popular, #Instagram, #photography and #ilovemyinstagram ‘til the cows come home, but try to search on any of those, and you’ll get nada.

In case you haven’t tried it yet, Instagram is a photo sharing app. You need a smartphone or tablet to post anything, but you can view the photos on any pc or laptop by visiting The app contains a number of filters to subtly alter colours or focus on its square photos.

Are you curious about how to Instagram but not sure where to start? Try The Beginner’s Guide to Instagram from Mashable. Advanced users might enjoy Digital Trend’s Tips And Tricks To Insta-Turn You Into A Better Instagrammer.

Send me your Instagram handle – I’ll look you up. You can find me under the name pluggedinrecruiter.

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4 Replies to “There Is No #Sex On Instagram”

  1. Thanks for the Beginners Guide link – I set up an account the other week, tried to use it and couldn’t get my photo to upload. So I put the idea on the back burner of “too difficult right now” and went away. I’ll go back and have another go once I’ve read the how-to bits.


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