7 Blogs For 7 Days: Focus On Facebook

7Blogsfor7DaysIt’s all about Facebook this week: businesses can now run contests, the privacy policy is changing (again) and we’ve got recruiting tips galore. Get ready for 18 things you probably didn’t know about Facebook, as told by my 7 top pick blogs for the week.

Facebook Contests

Facebook Privacy

That Facebook would employ public information supplied by its users to generate revenue is hardly evil. Importantly, Facebook will respect your privacy choices in how it uses your content.

It’s not all bad news as long as you’re keeping your privacy settings up to date. You’re doing that, right? Twitter links: @alex @TechCrunch

Facebook for Business

Social Recruiting With Facebook

Add it to your candidate sourcing strategy as an economical sourcing tool for fresh candidates and take advantage of one of the top social media platforms today.

Read the article here: Facebook For Recruiting? You Better Believe It! @RecruitDivision @Social_Hire

  • Tod Maffin begins Six Ways To Recruit With Facebook by helping us assess our online reputation. Very smart. Throughout the article, he shows us how to see Facebook through the eyes of the candidates we want to attract. Twitter Links: @todmaffin @BenefitsCanada
  • Last but not least, I recommend reading: How To Build A Talent Community On Facebook From Scratch by HireRabbit. Here’s a tidbit: “You need to think like your targeted audience in order to get them excited.  Remember it’s not about you, it’s about them.” I love what Prafull is preaching – social recruiting is all about creating a sense of community, not marketing. Twitter links: @prafullsha @HireRabbit

Comments are always welcome.

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