Capture The Last Bits Of Summer With A Mini Bucket List

SeptemberNewYearSeptember 1. Vacations are over, work projects await resurrection, and students have fresh new school books in their hands. Doesn’t it feel like New Years? Instead of writing resolutions for the new year, let’s celebrate the remaining bits of summer by naming what we want more of and getting those activities on the calendar! I’m calling mine a Mini Bucket List.

My End Of Summer Mini Bucket List

  • Spend time in a flower garden. Stay long enough to really notice the blooms and the bees.
  • Take the ferry over to Vancouver Island. Stand in the ocean breeze and feel every moment. No email allowed.
  • Hike around a favourite lake with hubby.
  • Take a nap outdoors while it’s still warm.

That last tip came from Phyllis M. Alston’s blog. What would you put on your mini bucket list? What do you need more of before the pumpkins ripen?

Let’s figure out how to stay in touch before the hectic autumn schedule kicks into high gear.

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2 Replies to “Capture The Last Bits Of Summer With A Mini Bucket List”

  1. I love it! Let’s enjoy as much of the last few days of summer as possible. And a ferry ride – scrumptious idea. One of the reasons I wrote my piece on ways to enjoy the last few days of summer, was to inspire the reader to incorporate more of nature into their daily lives and relationships. I think your writing has also achieve this. Thank You Susan. -Phyllis M. Alston


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