Is Your Business Ready For The Pinterest Revolution?

PinterestRevolutionBusinesses have some catching up to do if they want to stay current with the move toward more visual content online. Here are some statistics to explain why there’s so much interest:

  • Visual messages are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text.
  • 40% of people will respond better to visual information than plain text.
  • Pinterest drives more internet traffic than YouTube, Google Plus and LinkedIn combined.
  • Pinterest was the most searched trending topic in Canada in 2012, and today Canada is the second most active country on the site.
  • 80% of Pinterest updates (called pins) are repinned (shared) by users making Pinterest the most share-heavy site of all social media platforms.

Why all the statistics? I just completed the first day of a three-day course on visual content marketing and I’m excited to share what I’m learning.

Pinterest And Business: Made For Each Other

Did you know you can convert any Pinterest account to a business account in just a few seconds? There is no difference in structure or functionality except business accounts have analytics. For more information on making the change, visit

For those who love analytics (me!) insert your URL into this address to see which of your pins have been shared and the number of times: This information should be helpful in pointing out the types of pins you’ll want to repeat.

10 Boards Service Providers Should Have On Pinterest

Your Pinterest site is sectioned into boards — think of them as digital cork boards. This allows you to separate your pins according to interest. A personal site might have boards named fashion, home, recipes, places to visit… There’s no limit on the number of boards. Businesses have the same options available. The following list is Melanie Duncan‘s suggested 10 boards for service providers:

  1. Blog – Links to your best articles
  2. Lead generation freebies – Use this to create an email list for future newsletters
  3. Client testimonials – See The Online Edge Academy as a great example
  4. Before and After shots
  5. Press
  6. Workshop or lunch and learn promotions
  7. Quotes (Pinners love motivational and inspirational quotes)
  8. Your programs & products
  9. Video board – Highly recommended to create short videos – 3 minutes
  10. About me

Pinterest In Action: Check Out These Sites

Hubspot, a marketing firm, has one of the best Pinterest sites. It makes a great example of a company that believes in giving to its community. Christine Tafoya, one of our instructors, has a site with a distinctive style. And here’s a recruiting company using a Pinterest board to show job seekers how to use social media as part of their career search.

My Pinterest site is still a work in progress, but you’re welcome to join me here. Are you on Pinterest? Send me your link and I’ll look you up.

If you’re having any trouble getting set up, send me a message in the comment section below and I’ll help you all I can.


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