How To Recover From A Bad Job Interview

How would you like to show up for a job interview only to find out you were called in to become the butt of a joke? Oh, and you’ll be filmed in the process, by the way. Watch this video — it may help you reframe any bad interviews you’ve experienced in the past.

Man frustratedBad interviews can happen to anyone. You might flub a question, arrive late, get the interview location mixed up… Try not to be too hard on yourself, and don’t be quick to give up. If you’re interested in the position, it’s worth trying to salvage the situation.

Arriving late needs to be addressed as soon as you arrive. Take full responsibility, apologize, and then try to move forward with as much confidence as possible. There’s no need to grovel; just be sure to acknowledge that you take punctuality seriously.

If you regret one of your responses while you’re still in the interview, don’t be afraid to stop and rephrase it. Say something like: I didn’t express myself very well just now. Can I back up and restate that?

It’s possible that you won’t realize you made a misstep until the interview is over and you’re at home rehashing the conversation. In that case, you can use your follow up note to highlight what you wish you’d said. You actually have an advantage you can leverage at this point. Now that you’ve gone through the interview, you have enough information to state why you’re a strong candidate. Use the information you gained during the interview to point out the areas where your skills are a match and let the interviewer know that you’re still very interested. Hiring managers love to know that a candidate is highly motivated to accept the position.

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Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.

~Dale Carnegie


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