7 Blogs For 7 Days: Job Search Advice From Recruiters

7Blogsfor7DaysJob hunters, this one’s for you! Here are seven articles, each one written by a recruiter, designed to help you find the job of your dreams. Getting tips from the people who are responsible for candidate selection is almost as good as having a friend on the inside.

How To Win In A Tough Job Market by Gavin Lister contains five solid tips for job seekers. Twitter link: @GWLister

Knowing what recruiters look for could help you make yourself more ‘findable’. Read John Zappe’s LinkedIn Dominates Social Media Sourcing And Recruiting for job search tips. Twitter link: @ERE_net

5 Amazing Cover Letters showcases candidates who got noticed by applying a little imagination to their job search. By Laura Hong. Twitter link:@Laura2Hong

What You Wish You’d Known Before Your Job Interview by Michael Spiro. You’ll love this article. Here’s a tidbit: Did you know the number one reason for not hiring a candidate is that they didn’t ask for the job? Twitter link; @midasrecruiter

9 Geurrilla Job Hunting Tactics To Land Your Dream Job by Kazim Ladimeji contains excellent social media and live contact ideas. You’ll love this one. Twitter link: @kazim_ladimeji

50 Job Search Tips From Recruiters. This was compiled by a number of recruiters — and contains 50 different ideas for you. Twitter link: Bonus — There are 23 Twitter handles inside the article.

How To Play Nicely With Recruiters by Amanda Augustine will help job seekers make the best impression and maximize job opportunities. Twitter link: @JobSearchAmanda

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