Getting Great Results With Your Recruiting Firm

Just as great leaders get better results than do mediocre leaders, great recruiting partnerships get better results than do mediocre partnerships. The good news is there’s lots we can do together to enjoy an intentional, successful engagement.

Choosing The Right Recruitment Firm

Selecting your recruitment partner is almost as important as hiring the right people into your organization. Assessing your hiring needs for the next year will help you select a company with the right kind of experience. One way to locate staffing firms working within your area is to look at online job ads for the types of talent you’ll need. Another good method is to phone business contacts and ask for recommendations. Once you have identified several prospects, book meetings with them so you can discuss your plans and determine if you’d like to work together.

Set The Right Standards With The First Mandate

When you’re ready to award your business, you’ll need to gather a few things before you make the first call.

  • Job description
  • 90- and 180-day goals for the new hire
  • Background and experience required to achieve stated objectives
  • Compensation details including salary range, bonus, and benefits
  • Reporting structure (org chart, if possible) showing how the new recruit fits into the company and the degree of impact this position has on the company’s objectives
  • List of interviewers and their responsibilities during the hiring process

Hold An Engagement Meeting To Agree On The Fulfillment Process

This meeting marks the official beginning of your partnership and is the best time for both parties to agree to a timeline and discuss best ways to communicate. If this is the first time you’re working together, expect lots of questions to arise over the next two weeks. What’s the best way to reach you? Are their times of day to avoid? Is phone better than email? Discussing all of this in advance will ensure the project moves along well and will go a long way toward growing the partnership.

Feedback Feedback Feedback

A new staffing partner may wish to discuss one or two candidates while they’re still in the early stages to gauge how well they understand the mandate. We’re all pressed for time, so it may seem a waste to discuss early stage applicants but investing at this point will be extremely helpful. You wouldn’t expect new employees to be able to work independently with no guidance right from the start. Think of your new recruiting firm as you would a new employee. Give them early feedback to help them get on the right track.

Living The Partnership

You’ve gotten the relationship off to a strong start by taking the time to outline what’s important and agree on communications. You’ve worked at being responsive to each other… By this point you should be well on your way toward securing the best talent for your team. Congratulations on creating an intentional, successful recruiting partnership.

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