If Social Media Platforms Were Planets…

FacebookDemographicfromInfographicEver wonder which of the social media platforms is the most popular? Or who’s using them? If so, you’ll love this infographic from OnlineMBA. They used planets — sized according to actual membership — to depict the major social media sites.

It’s no surprise that Facebook is the largest planet. According to Alexa, the website ranking organization, Facebook is the 2nd most popular website in the world. In case you’re curious, Google.com is #1 and YouTube is #3.

Social media demographics is serious information to have on hand when it’s time to chart business strategy and marketing goals. But every now and then, it’s interesting to look at data that has absolutely no business value. Here’s a bit of trivia that falls into that category:

  • Facebook has 11,546,266 followers on its Twitter account.
  • Walmart has over 33 million fans on its Facebook page.
  • Justin Bieber, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga each have over 30 million Twitter followers.
  • Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is the most followed person on Google Plus.
  • After Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest is ranked the 3rd most popular social networking site (ranked by activity, not total user population).

Which social media site gets more of your attention?

A Case Study in Social Media Demographics
Via: Online MBA Resource



23 Replies to “If Social Media Platforms Were Planets…”

  1. What a great visual! The social media universe is changing all the time. I wonder what planets will be added next…..???? (so many to keep up with already) Or if Facebook will always hold its Jupiter status????


  2. I LOVE this blog! I do agree with Louise about Jupiter but just because of how I view jupiter as an astrologer! This blog is so fun! Your blogs REALLY show me how much more I have to learn about social networking!!


  3. What a brilliant idea! I love the representation and the comparison of social media to planets. So long as these “planets” revolve around the Earth and not vice versa, I’m totally happy. 🙂


  4. As an astrologer you really got my attention with the word planets lol. Facebook is Jupiter to me – big and friendly. Twitter maybe Mercury – fast moving chatter. Pinterest is pretty – so Venus. Google+ I am not so sure about yet. Fun graphics


    1. Hi Don – I don’t think we’ve heard the last of G+. I still maintain that Google is planning to take over the world.

      I’ll look for you on G+ — do you have a Facebook page? I’m at http://www.facebook.com/pluggedinrecruiter.

      I also tweeted your blog post. Anyone looking for a really good story about overcoming challenges that pop up when we set a large goal will enjoy this.



  5. What a fun graphic! It’s likely that in 10 years (or much less, in the rapidly changing world of social media), the planets will be rearranging themselves. They’ll change places perhaps, and have to make room for newbies in the social media world. Maybe some, like poor Pluto, won’t even be in the picture any more!


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