How To Revive A Comatose Twitter Account

TwitterOnGreenRectangleXEye[May 2014] The material in this post was reviewed and updated. You can read the refreshed version on LinkedIn.

Have your Twitter followers gone silent? No chats started in response to your best tweets? No one reaching out to connect? If that describes the action on your account, your Twitter account is comatose.

The first thing you need to do is assess whether your Twitter account is in a deep coma, a moderate coma, or near coma.

  • Deep coma is signified by a lack of interest from the online community. No RTs, no replies, no questions. If all the activity is yours, your account is in a deep coma. This is typical of business accounts that set up regular, automated tweets, with no human watching for conversation buds and no invitations to talk.
  • Moderate coma is identified by a few clicks on the links you shared, but no two-way conversations.
  • Near coma is the diagnosis if conversations are happening but they’re few and far between — let’s say a week apart.

A healthy Twitter account has lots of follower interaction. Most followers will send you a tweet via the main stream, not by DM. That means you have to watch for follower activity. When it comes to business accounts, you should know that the Twitterverse is very interested in how long it takes companies to publicly respond. The business standard is 4 hours. Some business accounts are outstanding — engaging with followers within an hour. When was the last time you had a two-way conversation with one of your Twitter followers?

How To Revive That Twitter Account

Start right now by reviewing the activity on your account.

  • Use the @Connect tab on Twitter to look for retweets and @mentions. Or better yet, get yourself a free Hootsuite account and set up listening posts. I’ll save you some time — I’ve written out Hootsuite tips here.
  • Thank Twitter people for each retweet of your messages. It’s considered polite.
  • Follow each person who retweeted you or followed you.
  • Don’t use auto DMs. Ever. They’re considered rude, especially if you’re a business.
  • Use hashtags when you tweet. You’ll get more responses and the threads will be easier to pick up. is a great site for picking popular hashtags.
  • Search on your most popular hashtags to see who else is using them. Connect with those Twitter folks. Ask them questions.

Twitter is not a bulletin board — it’s a community. Take these actions every day and your near- or moderately-comatose account will be revived within a week. Deep coma patients may require a month or more. Today’s a great day to start.

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