The Future Of Media: From Presentation To Participation

Arianna Huffington interview on the future of media
Click here to watch the interview. 9 minutes

How great would it be to sell your blog for $315 million? Arianna Huffington did just that. From a simple blog launched in 2005, she created a huge online news program which she sold to AOL in 2011.

Amanda Lang of CBC’s Lang & O’Leary Exchange asked the President and Chief Editor for her thoughts on the future of media. Without hesitation she spoke of the shift “from presentation to participation”.

From Presentation To Participation

That’s what I love about the new media. It’s two-way, participative, engaging. We have multiple channels to comment or connect directly with the author. We form tribes based on common interests. Businesses and professionals make new connections daily with individuals in their market. And the sharing… If you haven’t experienced the knowledge sharing yet, I recommend a visit to YouTube. Search on your favourite topic to see pages of resources.

Here’s my challenge for you. Open your favourite social media site and interact with three people you don’t know. Try it now. It’s the best way to be part of the new media.

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