Friends Don’t Let Friends Auto DM On Twitter

WelcomingNewTwitterSending automated welcome messages to new Twitter followers is the social media equivalent of drunk driving.

I can’t think of a more dangerous way to treat new contacts. Oh wait. I just thought of one. Sending an automated welcome message that includes a link to another site so you can sell stuff to them. That’s worse. But you wouldn’t do that, would you?

Just to be clear — we’re talking about automated direct messages — also called DMs. These are private messages that can only be sent between two accounts that follow each other. Auto DMs are preformatted messages that are sent automatically by a third party supplier. An auto DM welcome message sends the same words to every new follower.

SocialOomph DMSocialOomph is one of the biggest providers of auto welcome DMs. Even they know this practice is despised by some. To their credit, they’ve published a way for us to prevent welcome DMs from landing in our inbox. All you have to do is follow @optmeout, wait for them to follow you back, and then send them a DM.  I have a huge amount of respect for SocialOomph for doing that.

TrueTwit, on the other hand, not so much. There are some days where I get five or six requests to validate my account on TrueTwit. Yes, daily. Unlike SocialOomph, the only way to stop receiving TrueTwit spam is for me to sign up for the auto DM service and spam all of my new followers. No thank you. I refuse to do that to the nice people who want to follow me. If there are a few robots among them, there is absolutely no harm to me at all. I just don’t follow them back.

Here’s How To Find Out If You’re Spamming New Followers

Some people set up auto DMs and then forget they’ve done it. It would be easy to do because you don’t receive a notification each time a DM is sent on your behalf. To find out if your account is sending out automatic messages, go into settings and select apps. Every app that has authorization to do something with your account will be listed there. If you see any that you don’t recognize or that you no longer want, just click the “revoke access” button.

A Better Way To Welcome New Twitter Followers

How do you welcome new Twitter followers without automation? Set up your Twitter account to send you an email notification each time you get a new follower. Once a day, send out one or two tweets mentioning your new followers’ handles and thanking them. Or send a bulk FF tweet. FF stands for Follow Friday — the traditional way of promoting others on Twitter by suggesting others follow them. If you get too many new followers to do this on a daily basis, create a filter in your email program to send all the new follower email messages into a folder. Once or twice per week, send out a thank you or welcome message to all of them. You can include multiple Twitter handles in each message like the one below:

If the thoughts in this article make sense to you and you feel like sharing, here are a few Twitter messages you can send out now simply by clicking the link.

“Friends don’t let friends send auto welcome DMs” <== Click to tweet

“SocialOomph we love you for helping us stop auto welcome DMs” <== Click to tweet

“Here’s why you shouldn’t auto DM on Twitter” <== Click to tweet


6 Replies to “Friends Don’t Let Friends Auto DM On Twitter”

  1. Hi Susan,
    I think sending out messages or FF’s thanking new followers is a brilliant idea and one I just hadn’t thought of til your post. What a great idea. Now I feel bad for all the followers in the past that I never thanked 😦

    On the subject of auto DM’s though, that never bothered me to get one, but I guess I can see how people would find it impersonal. But I think it’s better than nothing at all, no?


    1. Hi there — I’m so glad there was something helpful in my post. I sure learn a lot from yours.

      Re the DM thing… A lot of Twitter people are offended by welcome DMs because they seem to say the sender’s time is more valuable than the new follower (one took the time to notice the other and follow and got an insincere, canned response in return). One of the more dangerous elements, though, is that Twitter will let us send a DM to a brand new follower, even if we don’t follow that person. Then when they compose a reply, Twitter will reject the message saying they’re not following you so you can’t DM. That was happening to me on a daily basis. I rec’d messages I couldn’t respond to… and that launched me on my research to see what other Twitter followers were saying about it.

      I think that’s why Twitter doesn’t support auto DMs. So far, they’re allowing them.


  2. I love this Susan especially the social media equivalent of drunk driving. and the FF suggestion- I am going to start doing that. I do like that social oomph let me know my new followers and I have been slack in welcoming them
    with love and gratitude
    Suzie ♡xx


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