Twitter Update: Now With REAL Conversations

TwitterConversationsRemember how hard it was to follow conversations on Twitter? The messages were displayed in strict chronological order — so if I sent a reply to you 20 minutes after your initial tweet, it’d be lost in a sea of unrelated messages. The latest update fixes all of that by grouping conversations the same way Facebook does.

And there’s more.

Take a look at the image directly below. My message was retweeted by three people and marked as a favourite by one. Before this update, each of those events would have shown up separately in the timeline, in chronological order – with no summary. Now that related tweets are held together, you can actually follow the conversation.

Here’s another example. In this one, you’re seeing a tweet of mine that was retweeted by Don Power. Once it went out to his network, Cindy Dawson saw it and decided to retweet it to her network. You can see Cindy’s name, handle, and network size at the bottom of the message. No more fancy searches needed to figure out who’s retweeting whom.
Twitter just got a whole lot easier to use.

I’d love to connect on Twitter. You can find me as @swrightboucher.



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