Simple Social Media Strategy

60-MinuteSocialSocial media strategy isn’t rocket science. But it is important. Read these tips, then give yourself 60 minutes to bang out a rough outline. Your plan will never be 100% right and it will never be 100% done so let go of any ideas you may have about making it perfect. As long as your plan remains in full alignment with your values and overall purpose, you should feel free to change the elements as needed. Once you’ve captured the outline, break the components down into smaller tasks and start attacking them one by one.

Your Blog Is The Foundation

Consumers expect frequent content from businesses. Your blog is the delivery vehicle and home base for that content. Set up a schedule that delivers two posts per week. Keep them relevant, publish them on a consistent schedule, aim for 500 to 800 words in length, and you’re golden. Social media is all about giving and sharing knowledge and expertise so be generous with the information you share. Pick one main social media site to drive traffic to your blog. If your target market is segmented and you feel two different social media sites are warranted, go for it. Just be mindful that each site will require time.

Twitter Is Not A Billboard

Twitter is the number one spot for business people to make new connections. Allow yourself 45 minutes to an hour per day to participate with your community and grow it. Business people on Twitter are there to learn. Have you read an excellent article on pay scales or immigration policies that impact business? Share the link. Say what you enjoyed and why you recommend it. Ask for opinions. Resist the temptation to set it up as a one-way data dump. That will get your company labeled as too commercial and uncaring.

Facebook Is Friendly

Think friendly attraction. If you’re not already connected to someone, you’ll want to gently invite them to your Facebook page. You can do this by providing helpful information, tips, and even humour. Don’t let all this friendly talk make you think it isn’t a lucrative place to be. Facebook is still the top social media site worldwide, both in overall numbers and in daily use statistics. It’s also a site with some very cool tools. Did you know you can send out targeted messages to the exact demographic you’re interested in attracting? You can specify age range, geography, interests… You can even target your competitors’ followers. No fooling. Facebook is a serious business tool.

Consider Pinterest

If building traffic to your website is your primary goal, don’t overlook this gem. Pinterest drives more traffic than LinkedIn, YouTube and Google+ combined. You do need a completely different approach if you decide to play here. Where Twitter and Facebook are primarily word-based (although that is changing), Pinterest is a visual platform. The brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than words. If you’ve got graphics support, or love playing with PicMonkey, you can generate some decent traffic back to your blog or website.

Engage The Entire Organization

Everyone in your company is on social media. If you can get them excited about posting links to your blog posts, you’ll leapfrog your pages right into the online popularity zone. Help them understand that blogs don’t come with an automatic attraction beacon. Someone has to point the way — and that someone is them.

Use Analytics To Make Decisions

You’ll want to set up Google analytics right from the start. This no-cost tool will tell you where your traffic is coming from, when your most popular hours are, and will measure whether traffic is up, down, or neutral. Review this data at least once per month and make adjustments accordingly.

There you have it. Inside the space of an hour you can map out your activities and time investments. In my next post, we’ll look at content strategy and how to create an editorial calendar that you can live with.

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