Facebook Ends The Week With A Gift For All

FacebookFridayWideDiagonalIt’s Facebook Friday — and this week we’re opening a present from Mr. Zuckerberg and his team. We can now edit comments after they’re posted. If you have a smartphone that vexes you with unfortunate autocorrections, you should be doing the dance of joy. Previously, we had to delete the comment, and any likes associated with it, and then retype it as a new status update.

Other Facebook News

  • Did you know you can now run contests and promotions off your page without a third party app? You can still use an app if you like but it’s not required.
  • Timeline covers are now allowed to contain calls to action like “get it now” or “click here”.
  • The restriction of 20% text maximum on the timeline cover has been removed.
  • Hashtags are a new feature. They make Facebook searches more powerful.
  • Graph search has been extended to include skills as well as categories. This should help recruiters and job seekers immensely, especially as more and more people add the skills categories to their ‘about’ section.


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