How To Send A Powerful Thank You Letter Following A Job Interview

LetterWithPenShould I send a thank you note following a job interview? That’s a question I get asked all the time. I have only one answer: You most definitely should do so.

A thank you letter is a unique opportunity to create another positive impression. Even if you don’t think you did well and don’t have a shot at the job, sending a follow-up letter to express appreciation and deepen the new relationship is a habit that will serve you well for years. Sometimes, a well-written note can improve your chances of getting that job.

Preparing For The Thank You

Your prep starts when you receive the call offering an interview appointment. Get the name and title of the person you will meet with. Not only will that help you do research before the interview, you’re gathering the info you need for your thank you letter.

During the interview, try to notice a moment where you and the interviewer clicked. Was there something in particular you agreed on or were interested in? Is there an area of the position responsibilities where your background was shown to be particularly suited?  Pick one of those great moments for the body of your letter.

How Should You Send Your Thank you?

Email has become the defacto method of communication — except for a few who realize that sending pieces the old-fashioned way can garner extra attention. When was the last time you received a business letter by regular mail? There’s nothing wrong with email, but if it were me, I would choose a method that stands out.

Following up with a letter that recreates a positive moment from the interview will bring you back to mind during the selection process. It’s almost as good as having someone on the inside putting in a good word for you.

Have questions about your job search? Go ahead and ask. I’ll do my best to help.


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