Recruiting: Doing Well By Doing Good

Updated June 2014

Few professions have a bigger impact on business than recruiting.

Banner: Love your recruiterYou can have the best processes, the best product, and the best pricing strategy, but without the people to deliver, you’re nowhere. That makes recruiters’ output a critical business function.

Your company’s future is tied directly to your recruitment strength. But companies aren’t the only beneficiaries. Candidates also benefit greatly from working with recruiters. Who else will give you candid feedback on your resume, your LinkedIn profile, and coach you on your interviewing skills? A recruiter with an eye for talent can be the bridge leading to that first really good gig. While we’re recognizing all the good that recruiters do for companies and for candidates, it’s good to take a moment to think of recruiters’ needs. They deserve all the training and mentoring we can come up with.

Here are some recruiter training resources:

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