Facebook Changes Its Privacy Policy… Again

FacebookFridayWideDiagonalFacebook has changed its privacy settings and we’re not surprised, right? We’re used to Facebook’s frequent changes, change backs, morphs, and permutations. This one appears to be small: you can no longer choose to hide completely from people searching for you by name. If you’ve been using the “Who can look up your Timeline by name?” setting, you’ll soon see a message on your site letting you know about the change.

You Can Still Maintain “Privacy”

Facebook users can still block specific individuals and specify which groups can see which messages. If you’re not comfortable with the change, you have the ability to change the status of older and future messages so that only those you select can read them. I used quotation marks on the word privacy as nothing we put on the ‘net is private. Your privacy is only as secure as your connections make it — which means, if someone in your network chooses to share something you marked private, it’ll be out there in cyberspace forever.

What do you think of this latest change? Will it affect the way you use Facebook?



5 Replies to “Facebook Changes Its Privacy Policy… Again”

  1. I believe it’s THE great trick on the population-at-large. Somewhere in an office in Facebook, they’re thinking “what will people put up with?” Every time one of these new changes comes along, a bunch of people moan and complain in their Facebook posts and threaten to quit, but they never do. I think it doesn’t matter what Facebook does, overall. They could kill puppies and kittens and club baby seals and people will complain on their Facebook status but never shut down their page.


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