The Human Side Of Social

FacebookFridayWideDiagonalKleenex alert: The video embedded in this post is estimated to require 2 tissues. I turned on my computer at 6:20 this morning. By 6:30 I had tears in my eyes. My sister Delaney had posted a video on Facebook with a short message encouraging us to watch it. I could see it was from a hospital. Knowing she is just as much a nerd as I am, I expected to see a Ted Talk full of medical terminology that would require me to spend the next 20 minutes looking up words on mediLexicon.  It wasn’t. It was a video filmed by exceptional staff and patients at a Minnesota children’s hospital. Watch it, blow your nose, then come back to this post.

If you watched that video, I know you were moved. What a celebration of human spirit. And there’s something else, too. It’s the empowerment side of social media.

The people in that video have a message for the rest of the world. They’re not claiming to be happy about sickness, but they are reframing it. And because social media is so readily available, it served as an ideal vehicle.

That’s my Facebook Friday post for this week. What encouragement or motivation can you put out there today?

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14 Replies to “The Human Side Of Social”

  1. I love the power of people choosing to share their spirits and thank you for sharing that and as I watched i saw the words Be Strong that i wrote in the sand this week for my blog post. Inspiring and yes to the power of social media xx


  2. Thank you for sharing this Susan! So interesting that this week you and I were both moved to discuss illness and the human spirit in our blogs. Universe works in mysterious ways…


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