This Is What Social Listening Looks Like

BufferTwitterReplyWhat would it mean to your business if you were able to reach out to disgruntled clients during the earliest moments of dissatisfaction? I think you’d be excited about that and I believe you’d even be able to put a dollar figure on increasing customer retention.

Recently, I wrote about two excellent experiences I had as a new customer. Nothing so shocking in that, right? New customer, honeymoon period and all that. What made these experiences so remarkable is both of these accounts are free and both companies have publicly stated their mission is to treat all customers – whether paid or free – to the same level of customer service excellence.

This morning I was locked out of my Buffer account. No matter what I tried, I couldn’t get back in. This was not good. I’ve learned to rely on Buffer to post pre-scheduled messages out to several social media sites.

I found Buffer’s Twitter account, sent a tweet asking for help, got a response, and a solution, within twenty minutes. Several hours later I received a very cheery followup note from someone named Carolyn making sure everything was alright.

Buffer was practicing social listening — active social listening. Not satisfied with broadcasting one-way messages at followers, they were on the lookout for opportunities to improve their customers’ experience. I love it when brands show us how to build engagement on social sites.

How’s your brand doing? It’s never too late to start reaching out and building an online community.


16 Replies to “This Is What Social Listening Looks Like”

  1. I love it when I get a quick reply from a company especially if the person is friendly and nice. It makes me feel like staying with them for the good feeling as well as the service x


  2. I had the same experience with Logitech. I tweeted them and got a direct message. And all was resolved. I love when that happens.

    Julieanne Case
    Always from the heart!

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  3. Thinking about your post made me think about how important the concept of social listening is across the board. Definitely, it’s obvious that it makes for good customer service, but it also makes for good social media interaction in general. Sometimes, people go for speed and efficiency in their social media activities and forget to pay attention to the people.

    I use social media for some of my interactions with students, and had been thinking a lot about how important it is for me to be really present when contacted by students, that there is a person there, not just a situation that can be replicated across any number of people. Thinking of that attention as social listening is very helpful. Thanks for sharing.


  4. Love the term social listening and I use buffer too. Customer service is so important and we had an incident yesterday where we got no response via their twitter account- our attitude tp that company has changed
    Thanks for sharing


  5. Great story. I like buffer. I love that app and I have used their customer service too. (I think it was Carolyn that I perhaps dealt with too actually. That name is ringing many bells) She couldn’t solve my problem in the moment but she got help and called me back twice the following week with updated info and to check in. I have worked in customer service for years. And listening can really take you places. (Especially when the customer isn’t demanding free stuff – that used to close me off quickly 😉 )


    1. Hi Kate – I love the way you put that: Listening can really take you places. I so agree. Awesome that you had a great experience with Buffer, too! Look at all the free advertising they’re getting from it! Thanks so much for visiting and for leaving a comment.


  6. You have me thinking about how I respond to my clients – when they’re both happy and not so thrilled with my services. Consultants live and die by the referral, so I always try to live by “the customer is always right mantra.” However, I may need to improve my social listening a bit – thx.


  7. Suzie, there’s nothing like proving for oneself what true listening is all about … social media or otherwise.
    Now you have me thinking about the quality of my own social media (no names) listening experience.


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