New Facebook Tool For Recruiters

FacebookFridayWideDiagonalFacebook used to be a tool for staying in touch with people we already know. Here’s the big shift: Graph Search was created so we can connect with people on Facebook that we don’t know. And — they’ve added work skills to the search parameters. This is big news for recruiters.

Below is a screen shot of a sample search. I typed in “Admin Assistants who live near Calgary, Alberta” and got pages full of results. If I had a great admin opportunity, I’d now be able to ask if they want to hear about it. Privacy settings are fully functional so if someone has hidden their profile, they won’t show up.

Of course, Graph Search works for non-recruiters, too. You can search for “people who play soccer and live near Ajax, Ontario”, or “people who like Pepsi”. Insert any brand or location you like.

Try it out — Let me know what you think of it.




3 Replies to “New Facebook Tool For Recruiters”

    1. Hi Debbie,

      I just put these words into the graph search box: “People from Vancouver, British Columbia who are engaged” and it worked. You might need to play with the location a bit. Remember that FB will not be able to interpret terms like region or area. It can only pull data using the city names that FB people put into their profile. Try it out!


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