Marketing Juice — 7 Blogs For 7 Days

7 Blogs for 7 Days graphicMitch Joel and Robin Sharma start the weekly roundup with insights that just might change the way you look at your business. Then we’ve got an in-depth look at email opt-ins. Don’t underestimate this one — Michael Zipursky will give you real food for thought (I changed my mind twice about opt-in boxes while reading it). We’ll finish up with tactical advice from Rebecca Coleman, Melonie Dodaro, Anita Hovey, and Linda Daley.

There’s a special bonus in this “7 Blogs For 7 Days” as Rebecca’s post contains a video from Steve Dotto of Dotto Tech. So that make 8 experts in this weekly roundup instead of 7!

1. Mitch Joel of Twist Image presents his view of business opportunities created by rapid changes in media during a 25-min. video entitled Rebooting Business. Twitter link: @MitchJoel

2. Robin Sharma – The last line in this post sums it up perfectly: “Helping people get to their dreams via the superb product you offer still remains the single best marketing strategy.” How To Build A Movement Around Your Business – Twitter link: @_robin_sharma

3. Michael Zipursky – 7 Clever Ways You Can Increase Your Email Opt-ins and Get More Subscribers. You’ll want to bookmark this one. Twitter link: @MichaelZipursky

4. Rebecca Coleman – GMail’s recent change to a tabbed window has some email marketers crying foul. Rebecca shows us it’s not all bad news, in fact, it’s not bad at all. And there’s a special appearance by Steve Dotto by way of an embedded video. Enjoy How GMail Tabs Are Affecting Email Marketing. Twitter links: @RebeccaColeman @DottoTech

5. Melonie Dodaro – Prioritizing The Right Social Networks For Your Business. You’ll appreciate the way Melonie provides a brief overview of each of the major platforms, including major industries and demographics. Twitter link: @MelonieDodaro

6. Anita Hovey of Twirp Communications gives us Finding Leads On Twitter (if you ask me, that’s a grossly under-utilized social media benefit). Twitter link: @AnitaHovey

7. Linda Daley gives us 25 eNewsletter No-No’s. Twitter link: @DaleyProgress

Do you see business opportunities today that were less evident yesterday? What are you ready to take on?

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