This Could Be Your Week!

This could be your best week yet! Don’t believe me? Take out some paper and write down the three things you would have to accomplish by Friday in order for this to be an awesome week. Go ahead. Write them down.

vision-is-not-enoughNext to each one of the three items, write down one thing you can do to bring yourself a step closer to completion. Make sure the next step is a single, doable, action item. “Bring empty bottles to the recycling centre” is an action item; “clean out the garage” is not — it’s a project.

Decide exactly when you can do each item and record these tasks in your calendar as if they were formal appointments. Guard those time slots!

As you complete each step, determine what the next, single, doable action is and create a calendar entry for it. By the time Friday rolls around, the least that will happen is you will have made progress on your most important objectives. Quite possibly, you will have completed all three.

Enjoy your week!

Here’s how to make the week work for you instead of you working for the week.


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