Do This One Thing And Improve Your Employer Brand Now

Whether you call it a war for talent, a talent crunch, or a skills shortage — employers agree that it’s getting tougher to attract the best. I’m sure you would also agree that your company won’t be going anywhere without the right people in the right jobs. That makes talent attraction a key initiative and a critical function. It also means you can’t afford to ignore your employer brand.

What Is An Employer Brand?

An employer brand is, quite simply, the way applicants, candidates, current employees, and past employees experience you as an employer. It’s the sum total of their comments to each other, to family members, and to contacts on social media. Yes, your marketing plays a role, but not as much as you might think. The public puts more trust in what others say than what a brand says about itself.

What’s The One Thing?

People want to connect. They want to work with companies that create a sense of community; those that are reachable and responsive. This applies as much to job candidates as it does to consumers. If you want an employer brand with the power to attract, look for communication gaps and close them. Review all the potential touchpoints — places where applicants may be reaching out but not receiving responses — and close the gaps. This means assigning someone to watch for opportunities to answer questions and chat with the public on your corporate Twitter and Facebook accounts. It means acknowledging every applicant, including the ones that don’t appear to match your company’s skill requirements.

Turn your social media sites into places where real conversations happen and you’ll improve your employer brand at lightning speed.


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